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Hier können Sie mit anderen Nutzern und den Programmierern Fragen zur Anwendung unserer Software, des Betriebssystem oder auch Allgemeine Themen diskutieren.

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BBbBEAMCI (17.11.2011 10:53):
Stands back from the kyeobard in amazement! Thanks!

Shinya (23.03.2012 21:57):
she didn't hear me so she cut 5 inch and now I'm back to shoulder ltngeh hair and it sticks out, because I have really wavy hair. I cried for a few hours untill I stumbled upon this video. I guess there's nothing else I can do I will just grow it out :D Thanks! <3

Iyabo (25.03.2012 06:35):
michelle - Kate's point and shoot class was very good and now i am determined to take bteter pictures and make my pictures more meaningful.I would recommend this class for anyone who wanted help on using their basic camera.